Home studio shoot at my convenience

Finally its time for a studio shoot to celebrate my wife’s graduation day…

we did this shoot in our home, was very relaxing….here are some pics to share..


Arabic inspired portraits.

Thaipusam + Ism…

Some pics from thaipusam….

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Converting Normal picture to high key

 Hi, just thought of sharing a quick tips on enhancing normal portrait shot to a more dynamic high kety shot.

Image below was taken near a an opened door which provides the natural light source from the right(as seen in picture)After capturing this picture i felt that the compositon was not exiting enough there for i started to recompose the picture so that the subject is more to the far left of the canvas. I also did a quick skin tone change in PS. adjusting the shadow highlight in photoshop also helps alot in this shot to bring up all the hidden details.In kids portraiture having to enhance the eye is important in creating a dynamic and engaging picture.I did this by using a dodge tool to enhance the eye!

OK, i think this will be all for now, enjoy!


Ok some quick updates from my recent trip to the states, and yes i do manage to get some shots from my travel regardless from the hectic work…  so enjoy the pictures, feel free to comment or anythin…

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Strobe at Sg. Ara

Off camera flash is a blessing… it will expand the effect that you can get with just on camera flash… so one fine day i decided to do a quick strobe test at a nearby a creek some where in Penang.

Everyday its a learning process… well to me im juts curious and i want to learn more…

these are some of the pics i had enjoy!!